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Château Glili Wine Hotel and Spa embraces you into a world of exclusive spa treatments, masterfully crafted with an affinity to the world of wine and its rejuvenating properties. At Château Glili, we complete your vacation experience using the natural healing and anti-aging properties of wine. Thanks to the high amounts of antioxidants in wine, it improves blood flow, stimulates the immune system, and lessens fatigue. These antioxidants have been proven to be at least 50 times as effective than vitamin E, and 10 times than vitamin C. Drinking wine also contributes to skin regeneration, giving you a full rejuvenating experience. Château Glili boasts a rich buffet of health food, fruits, freshly squeezed juices, a variety of teas and warm beverages for your enjoyment. In our spa you find fully accessorized bathes with aromatic products and culinary meals to your specifications, overlooking Lake Kineret.


Our spa treatment room are specifically designed, allowing to receive the optimal spa experience, in any aspect. There is a large variety of massages from across the globe, for a full healing experience – body and soul. Château Glili Spa is modernly designed in a separate floor from the hotel. The spa is built in a white Provence style – for a pure, regenerative and relaxed experience. The spa boasts a Streams Jacuzzi, a swimming pool overlooking Lake Kineret, lounging and relaxation corners, and luxury bar.
Our treatment rooms are decorated with black rhodium mosaics – radiating modernity and purity. In the main wall of the spa is a spacious glass cabinet for spa and cosmetic products. The colorful design of Château Glili Spa embodies relaxation, tranquility and pure enjoyment in every detail. The spa staff will be happy to be at your disposal and advise you on a variety of spa treatments and the special days we offer in the treatments menu.



45 min 320 nis / 60 min 350 nis

Our combined Home Treatment. Classic relaxing Swedish massage, combined with various massage techniques, tailored to each guest. A treatment with a unique aromatic oil specially formulated for this massage.


45 min 320 nis / 60 min 350 nis

The classic oil body massage, based on grape seeds that stimulated blood flow, relaxing muscles and releasing tension.


45 min 320 nis / 60 min 350 nis

A relaxing and gentle oil body massage based on grape seeds, releasing physical and mental stress.


45 min 320 nis / 60 min 350 nis

Deep oil body massage based on grape seeds, focusing on muscle tissue, that helps relax muscles and stress relief on various body parts. Favored by athletes.


45 min 320 nis / 60 min 350 nis

An ancient Native-American oil body massage based on grape seed, combined with hot stones on various body parts. Helps release tense muscles. A relaxing and pleasant massage.


60 min 350 nis

An ancient and gentle Indian body massage with hot sesame oil, combined with Shirodhara – a face and scalp massage including the center of the forehead, the third eye. A pleasurable and relaxing massage.


45 min 640 nis / 60 min 700 nis

A romantic experience in a couple's massage room. The couple can choose any treatment available at the spa, and enjoy a shared relaxing experience.

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