Are you looking to treat your loved one to the premier romantic getaway? Meet your next romantic resort in Israel – Chateau Glili!

Nestled in a panoramic enclave above pastoral Rosh Pina, Chateau Glili, Wine Hotel and Spa, is a unique hotspot for your romantic vacation. This romantic resort creates a meld between the world of wine and luxurious hospitality, a plethora of modern colorfulness, with a serene air of tranquility.

Your Next Romantic Resort With a superb view of Lake Kinneret and the settlements of the Galilee and the Golan from its exclusive three levels, the romantic resort prides itself in its attention to detail and high level of service, offering couples the perfect intimate experience.

The Ultimate Vacation

The resort’s grounds, the pristine, clean air, the view of Lake Kinneret, and the aromatic smell of wine – all culminate in the ultimate vacation for couples.

With five premium suites, each uniquely designed and meticulously accessorized, Château Glili offers a romantic combination of relaxation and comfort, that allows any couple to know each other all over again.

Romantic Spa

Château Glili’s Spa is a romantic, unique, and exclusive experience, for both body and soul. The spa offers a range of unique treatments for couples, embodying the essence of wine and its rejuvenating properties, complementing the experience, and enhancing the connection between you and your loved one!

A romantic resort for any couple

Let you and your loved one be swept away by romance in northern Israel – let Château Glili take you both on an unforgettable trip into the world of wine and unmatched comfort and luxury.

Chateau Glili, your next romantic resort, takes you away into the world of wine in all of its aspects: In design, in content, in wine accessories, the luxury, and of course – the romance and intimacy it represents.